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If you are reading this, then definitely you are here to know basics about writing an invitation letter. Time is money today, and you cannot afford to waste it by personally visiting invitees for the sake of giving invitation.

In such scenario, the best option you have is to write an invitation letter. Invitation letter is usually written to invite someone to an events like family celebration, get-together, party, business or social event. All these types of invitation letters can be divided into two categories:. In any of the mention categories format and structure almost remains the same. In both the styles, you need to make use of perfect combination of present and future tense. Whichever type of letter you write, it is important to make use of impressive words.

Why present tense?

Sample letter format to invite chief guest for college function

Present tense represents the given invitation to a person. Why future tense? Future tense represents that an invitee will definitely attend an event. In business style invitation letter, you should always make use of formal tone because you generally write such letters to business associates or clients. In friendly style invitation letter, you can make use of informal tone because you generally write such letters to relatives or friends.

The letter you write should show your anticipation and it can be done by writing it using positive perspective. Word framing should be done in such way that readers should get smile on their face. In order to write a letter for an informal occasion you can make use of right phrases or some poetic lines.

Last basic thing you need to know about an invitation letter is that, always send it two to three weeks prior to an event. How will you compose a right invitation letter?

Teachers Day Invitation Card Matter

Writing a correct invitation letter is possible when you know the occasion for which you are planning to write a letter. Do you want to mail your invitation letter? Sending mail invites before 3 to 4 weeks is advisable. This can help you in notifying guest that you are planning an event on the particular date so that they can keep that date free for you.

If the event, you planning to organize is on any of the holiday weekend then mailing such save the date invitation letter is important. While writing an invitation letter, it is important for you to know some grammar Apostrophe rules:.

Invitation letters are generally written to notify and invite the guests for ant particular ceremony or event. For example, suppose an art exhibition is going to be held, and the invitation letter would serve the purpose of inviting the art lovers to the exhibition. The host generally writes the invitation letter of the event because […]. An invitation letter can be official or personal depending on the occasion. These occasions include meetings, conferences, weddings, parties, exhibitions, sales or shows.

Such a letter is written by the person or organization that is hosting a particular event. It is addressed to a guest person or organization.

Write a Letter on the Anniversary of Your Company • Letter Examples and Guide

Invitation letters are important to notify a […]. A business event invitation is written by an individual or entity organizing or hosting an event. Such an invitation is addressed to a target group of guests to discuss business issues and new opportunities. A business event invitation letter is a formal notification that you are planning an event.Event planners are often relied upon to help their clients handle their special invitations.

Creating the perfect invitation can be a tricky art. An invitation should match the client's needs and personality. You can influence the whole tone of a gathering with the right format and wording. For example, you might want to use bold colors and lighthearted wording if you're planning a wedding for a fun-loving couple, but the invitation should be more formal and sedate if you're working with a corporate client for a major fundraiser.

A formal invitation is an important element of the total package used to promote an event.

foundation day invitation card format

It can be presented in many different formats, including email, letters, hand-written stationery, and formal invitations. A formal invitation should be simple and formatted on a card or stationery stock, the size of a greeting card or smaller.

Most invitations use a font that matches the organization's standard fonts, or a script that the designer likes. The key is to make sure you're following the host's brand standards while creating a sense of formality. It's worth considering working with a graphic designer to create a custom layout that can make the event seem more distinctive and fit your client's personality.

You might also want to hire a calligrapher to write the invitations manually if you're working on a private gathering, such as a wedding. Calligraphy looks much more elegant and personalized than typed invitations. The best approach for event planners is to establish a standard format, then update the specifics depending on the actual event. The invitation should contain the following information:. It's important for the designer to format the individual lines so they fit the available space.

Plan to work closely with the designer to ensure that all the necessary information fits on the invitation in a visually appealing way. You can tweak the sample to your own unique event, but including some of the following information is imperative:. Of course, that RSVP is integral to your planning as well, but you want to answer all your potential guests' off-the-cuff questions as well first. Then the RSVP can go at the end. Consider including a schedule, or at least a summary of the schedule, if you have enough room in the invitation to do so.If any organization of institution have to arrange any particular ceremony or function and have to invite Chief Guest, for this purpose an official letter is to be send.

Letter should contain the purpose of invitation long with all the necessary details of timings and venue. This day is celebrated every year on 5th January in our school and students from every branch participate in it. We make this day special and aware the students and other members of society by pin pointing the importance of sports in our life. The excitement of students is also on peak, as they have come to know that we are going to invite Mr.

Stephen James as Chief Guest on this bright and promising day. Everyone knows that you are a person full of v alor and enthusiasm. What you can brief the audience, no one else can. We request for you kind presence on 5th January, at 9 am in British Sports Complex.

It would be a sort of pleasure for us, for students and for tutors as well. We are aware that you may have other priorities but taking out some hours from your precious time would be more than enough. All the necessary details about the program are attached with the letter. Our purpose is to broaden and to en-light the concept of sports among children and the upcoming youth.

foundation day invitation card format

We have also invited other worthy personalities and your presence as Chief Guest would make it distinguished and admirable. We hope that you will definitely give us some time. We are seeking for your kind presence. With utmost regard and estimation, it is stated that Dramatic Society of this prestigious university invites you to our mega event as a Chief Guest.

We are having a very huge event in which different plays and speeches are conducted. Our main focus is to talk about mental health and eradicate this disease from the roots. We would love to have you as our chief guest in an event. As huge amount of audience is already very familiar with you and with your impressive work and would be thrilled to see you as a part of this mega event.

Thanking you in anticipation. This year we promise a string of eventful and engaging days, with compelling debates and enchanting socials and Social Responsibility Program and would be honored to host you for our memorable event Social Responsibility Program on 27th of January.

Here at FORMUN, we take great pride in catering to our guests needs and we hold this momentous responsibility with the greatest of care. Our litany of programs are testament to our determination to provide a wholesome and remarkable experience for you.

Your attendance would only add grandeur to the event. Awaiting your arrival. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Teachers Day Invitation Card Matter

Related Posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Searching for letter formats? We howtoletter realized your need and thus come up with several types of sample letters and format of letters.

Dig into the website and grab what you want. It happens that several functions are being conducted in a college. There are several events for several purpose. The chief will be invited to the college with a request letter submitted to the concerned person.

Some colleges will call chief guest for their conference at National Level or International Level. Some may call for their annual day function or sports day event. Graduation day function is also an important event for which chief guest will be called.

Assume that your college is going to conduct annual day in the year You are required to invite a chief guest. Below is the sample format of letter to write.

I am the Principal representative for our college events. We would be most honored if you can be our college day's chief guest and deliver your key note address to the gatherings. We look forward to hear your positive confirmation of our college day invitation.

You can find the invitation card along with this letter. Thanking you! You should make appropriate changes wherever required in the sample letter format above.

Emoticon Emoticon. Letter Formats and Sample Letters. Tags Chief Guest Invitation. College Letters.Copyright Dgreetings. Toggle navigation. General Invitation Messages. For all the best days of our lives, For every miracle of waking up each morning, We want to express how grateful we are to the Lord. Please come and join us. Food and drinks are ready. Complete it with your presence. Come and join our party.

I am not about to talk about what's romantic in my life - I figure if you talk about it once - then that's an open invitation for everyone to dig into your personal life even further. Today, the US spends less on defense as a percentage of our economy than we did at any time since he Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. For the world's only superpower, that is an invitation to very serious trouble.

The other thing is quality of life; if you have a place where you can go and have a picnic with your family, it doesn't matter if it's a recession or not, you can include that in your quality of life. Birthday Invitation Messages. It's again the time of the year to celebrate name of the celebrator s birthday. We are inviting all friends from far and near to come and join the celebration. Its always a pleasure to have you all at my birthday parties. So, please dont be late for this one. Name of the celebrator is blowing a candle and making a birthday wish.

Do come along singing your favorite birthday song. Please join us to celebrate the birthday of name of the celebrator. We will have a party with lots of fun, food and drink. Its party time! Please join us for the birthday celebration of our little princess. We are inviting you to join the birthday fun of name of the celebrator. Please reserve the date as you are requested to be present at my birthday party. Join the hoopla.

We are celebrating the first birthday of our son. Engagement Invitation Messages. Please come and do us the honor. We are ecstatic to be able to announce our engagement.

foundation day invitation card format

We would be glad if you can join us for the event on date at venue. We are requesting the honor of your presence at our engagement party.

Please join us for the grand celebration on date at venue. Our little girl is now all grown up and about to set out on a new journey. We invite you to celebrate her engagement with the love of her life, name of the groom. Your presence is requested as we announce the engagement of our daughter, bride to be with groom to be on date at venue.As Doe Incorporated celebrates ten years of uninterrupted service to the community, we take this opportunity to thank you for helping us succeed and to invite you to join us in a celebration of this accomplishment.

Please drop by the Springfield showroom open house on Saturday, August 15, between a. Once again, thank you for helping us make the past ten years so successful. We look forward to greeting you as our special guest this Saturday. Doe Hardware is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and we want to share the event with our loyal customers. To show our appreciation for your patronage over the years, we are having a special evening for the entire family.

Please bring this letter and your family to our Springfield store parking lot at Main Street this Friday, June 3, between and p. We hope to see you there. Thanks to loyal customers like you, Doe's has enjoyed many years of prosperity in this community.

To show our thanks, we invite you to join us for a barbecue in the big lot beside our Springfield store on August 2. Bring the kids for free soda pop and balloons.

foundation day invitation card format

Tickets for door prizes will be given to the first fifty customers. Come help us kick off the next fifty years at Doe's. We at the Doe Corporation wish to express our sincere appreciation to our employees for their loyal support as we celebrate our twentieth year in business. When our company was founded in with ten employees, we could hardly foresee our growth to an international company with a staff of within ten years. We could not have come this far without the loyal support and hard work of each member of the Doe team.

In recognition of this anniversary we are inviting all present and former employees, accompanied by their partners, to a dinner dance at the Riverside Country Club Saturday, June 8, at p. Please come prepared to remember "the good old days" as we look forward to the new opportunities.

All of us at Doe's want to thank our customers for their loyalty and support during our ten years in business. To show our appreciation, we've enclosed a discount coupon to be used on any regular-priced item in our store.

While you're in the store, we invite you to enter our drawing for a free mountain bike. We have appreciated your business in the past and hope to see you again soon. A letter on the anniversary of your business helps maintain the goodwill of your customers and business associates. You may, if you choose, invite recipients to an open house or party, offer free gifts or other customer incentives, or include a promotional brochure with the letter.

These letters are generally brief and personal, often use a personal letter form, and usually use a warm complimentary closing.

If applicable, describe incentive or promotional materials enclosed. Home Categories Goodwill English Letters. Spanish Letters. Example Sentences Doe's has now been in business for 25 years, and we hope you as one of our loyal customers will join us in celebrating our anniversary. It's been ten years since Doe's first began offering custom tailoring, and you have been one of our best customers!Invitation letters are generally written to notify and invite the guests for ant particular ceremony or event.

For example, suppose an art exhibition is going to be held, and the invitation letter would serve the purpose of inviting the art lovers to the exhibition.

All the necessary details about the event must be mentioned in the invitation letter. In the case of the art exhibition, it is the responsibility of the art gallery to distribute the invitation letters to the guests. Invitation letters are written to invite people to party, conference, event, sale, or for the business meeting. If you are looking for the samples of invitation letters, then refer to the following tips and our letter samples to get started. Your presence will sure;y make the event even more special.

This letter is to inform you that ABC art gallery is holding an art exhibition of all the best works of the famous and reputed artists. The arts will be from the period of Renaissance, and some modern artworks will also be present in the exhibition. The exhibition will be held for def days and it would be a great pleasure if you get your precious visit to our art exhibition.

A decorative Invitation Letter always looks more appealing than the regular official type letter. But careful use of colors needs to be done for it even to look presentable. One can be creative while making out the Invitation Letter. For example, a more decorative font or a different shape of the invite may also be used. We hope to have helped you create an effective invitation leave letter with the tips and samples mentioned above. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Letters Privacy Policy Contact Us. Firstly the letter must be properly addressed to the guest, and the language must be polite enough while inviting the guest. All the details, such as the date, time, and venue of the event must be mentioned in the invitation letter. The letter must clearly state whether the event would be a formal or informal letter.

The letter must be closed with proper thanks form the host. Invitation Letter Template. Use our free Invitation Letter to help you get started. Download the. If you need additional help or more examples, check out some of the sample letters below. Thanking You, Yours truly Name and Signature. We hope you can join us in our celebration and make it even more special for us.

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