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Java is known as your typical god tier trap in VRChat. Java can be seen working in The Greater Gator where "she" is a dangerous trap and one to look out for because of "her" abnormal high skill in evaluation and emulating the opposing sex. The way that Java talks and communicate to "her" victims differs on their personality. However, this isn't all that Java can do It is speculated that his true identity is that of an Egyptian King a "Pharoah" which has only been seen a few times.

His heavenly blessed family line was decimated as the monarchy was ended when they were assassinated, leaving him the sole survivor. The organization behind the murdered of his family would later develop to become The Illuminati.

Having been a candidate to become Pharao he would have gotten access to all the luxury that entails including a full harem of women. He lost it all as he was summoned to modern time using magical means.

Unbeknownst of who his summoner was Java found himself roaming in an era that was a complete mystery to him. Still traumatized about what happened he continued to search for the people that had murdered his family.

During his search for the assassins he encountered a man who taught him his powers of transformation, but he never revealed his name. He was 13 when his training began and was taught to transform into a woman in order to hide from the assassins that murdered his family. His training took about a year to complete but it was not until he had reached 18 years that he found The Golden Gator located in Bricktown.

Because of how safe he felt in this bar, Java being a straight male, didn't feel the need to disguise himself as a female as often anymore. At the bar however, the proprietor Roflgator would use and exploit his ability in order to seduce customers visiting the bar - especially men. Billy McGuinness finds his parents. During that time Java's trap voice was good but can still noticeable. Him and Roflgator friend-ed each other and didn't see each other again until early November After Hydrand "killed" Java, Icedragon sent Hydrand to the dragon realm where he spent 30 years of his life trapped inside.

In the real world however, Hydrand was only gone for 5 minutes. The idea is to pull of the most convincing trap, entice someone - and then reveal their real voice. Abbey and Java meet again after her return. On Jan 21st, he confessed that he was gay to Roflgator after some prodding but later retracted this statement.

He explained that a tree creature told him that lying about this would ultimately be a good strategy to get Abbey to fall for him. When Abbey returned on Jan 25th, he claimed that she had slapped him before leaving and explained the circumstances regarding the claims of his sexuality being questioned. Following this they had some problems and decided to take a break. Java took this poorly and laid out his emotions before Roflgator. In tears he told him that he still had strong feelings for her.

He would later asked her out for valentines day to which she accepted. Introducing Abbey to his family. Cecil greets Abbey.What are the best VR games? There are plenty of VR experiences out there already, and with the headsets shipping to customers faster than ever there is plenty more to come.

We have tested a number of the best VR games across the major and best VR headsetsranging from the good, bad, to the downright nausea-inducing — and we will endeavour to seek out new, strange, and challenging content for this burgeoning platform.

In the name of science… or something. Here, however, we are going to be more choosy, handpicking the best VR games and experiences with which to treat your eyeballs. From transformative updates to existing games such as L. But, here, we only have room for the best. When virtual reality first became a, well, reality, plenty of games came to mind that deserve all these delicious new dimensions.

The breathtaking speed of a racer, maybe. The scale and spectacle of an open-world RPG, perhaps. Noire, a neo-noir detective action-RPG, however, might not have been the game you might have expected to strap to your noggin.

That said, L. Noire was technically advanced for its time: its pioneering facial capture helping you select the baddies from those just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Where the chin-stroking deductive side of L. Noire won Team Bondi plaudits, its combat failed to match up. Enter L. Rather than twiddling and tapping away at your keyboard and mouse, you lean, shoot goons, and reload your classic Remington physically with the HTC Vive controllers — and it feels invigorating.

Doggedly plugging away at each case just feels better in virtual reality. Rez Infinite is a musical twin-stick shooter in which you tackle waves of Tron-esque enemies while journeying through the subsystems of a corrupted, far-future AI.

It is a trance-inducing wonder of a game that was originally released for Dreamcast inbut has since undergone iterative changes through various re-releases on its way to PC.

Some enemies drop items that allow you to evolve, while others bestow a screen-clearing smart bomb.Back Next. Popular Posts.

pokelawls intro

I've been really tryin', Albert And if you feel like I feel, baby Then let's get it on. Kids' Songs. Availabe on App Store! Have a special color Subscribe and watch new videos uploaded every week. Here are we with more Link List Home.

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I must admit that I was pretty intrigued upon hearing about the latest iteration of the Homeworld franchise. The original game is kind of a studded jewel among hardcore PC gamers and remains an indie classic.

I was a little discouraged after Gearbox Software acquired the rights to the Homeworld series and released the ho-hum Homeworld Remasteredand assumed that the Homeworld series had reached its end point. But when I heard that Blackbird Interactive, made up of franchise veterans, had formed, and were working on a prequel, titled Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, I was looking forward to seeing what they could produce. The backstory is as follows: A once powerful faction on the planet Kharak, the Kushan, left their home world seeking vengeance against a powerful rival and a new planet to settle on.

Karak, which had been their home for many millennia, had been reduced to an arid wasteland, devoid of most of its moisture. There had been warnings that a great cataclysm would sweep over Karak, but the premonitions went on unheeded until it was too late.

For Homeworld veterans, there are lots of tie-ins and references to the original Homeworld games which should strike a chord or two. The gigantic fleet carrier, the Kapisi, is basically the Mothership from the earlier games, and both share having an innate self-sufficiency; being able to engage in research; production, and resource gathering independent of outside influence. Those roles are more or less analogous to those of the ships in the originals, and the blue tactical maps are very similar as well.

Pokelawls reacts to Livestreamfails!

After logging a few hours of both campaign and multiplayer when I could find a gameDeserts of Kharak reminded me a lot of another recent release, Act of Aggression. Although terrain in Deserts of Kharak plays a more prominent role line of sight is indicated by solid or broken red linesbattles basically come down to spamming a bunch of units and then hurling them as fast as you can at the enemy.

There are no formations. Yes, you read that correctly—there are zero formations for grouped units, so piling as many units into large blobs is pretty much your safest bet at overcoming your foes as quickly as you can.

Real time strategy games have seen an overall ratcheting up in speed as well, making what used to be more mentally stimulating, slower, more strategic movements and tactical gameplay—rushed, almost spastic affairs. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak follows this unfortunate trend.

VRCHAT DYRUS | Virtual Reality Ft. Pokelawls

You can produce units and have them catapulting out of your main base, the carrier, in no time. Not only is the production time hurried, but the overall game speed is breakneck. An enemy carrier can be all the way across the map and you can create a blob of units in the course of a little over a minute, thrust them across the arid landscape, and be assaulting their base in the blink of an eye.

Also like other recent games out there, there is no way to toggle the default game speed in order to slow things down. Well, not anymore. The developers seemed to have given into the throngs of modern gamers who have increasingly shorter and shorter attention spans. I switched back and forth between Ranked and Unranked, and all manner of options and still came up with nothing.

Finally, after waiting twenty or so minutes, I found a game and played a few sessions with a few other players.

During this time, I found out that there were only five multiplayer maps included with Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

pokelawls intro

Combined with only two playable factions, which both feature a very limited selection of generic rock-paper-scissor type units, and things come up pretty paltry indeed. I really liked the two faction designs, and the desert setting—although minimalist sort of like the gamehad a lonely allure, with windswept rolling dunes and plenty of gorgeous lens flare to ogle.

The high fidelity sounds are also well handled, with hearty explosions and radiant laser fire, and many of the audio cues have been carried over from the original Homeworld games. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak feels like an incomplete game that was hurried out the door. When looking at the glowing reviews from other mainstream publications I had to scratch my head and wonder if they had played the same game.

For diehard fans of the Homeworld series, or gamers who like to slobber over beautiful graphics regardless of gameplay considerations, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak could satisfy them for some time.

But even they may become bored in time with the lack of content on hand, and quickly move off like the hastily produced units in the game. If you want to check them out at their highest level of detail, consider updating your gaming PC or gaming laptop:.

Courtesy — Blackbird Interactive.The Big Meech or just simply Meech for short, is a hopeless romance seeking bachelor who can't seem to catch any luck in that department.

Being a friend of Roflgator he's often the subject of being wing-manned and paired on various dates that he ultimately end up ruining in one way or another. He used to go by using an avatar who was a tiny skeleton man but eventually upgraded from it to an anime soy-boy - onto a kreotine chomping "Broly" muscle man - then a "true chad" until settling on an anime boy avatar.

In he expressively gave up on dating for a while following his failures and adopted an "Incel" persona very similar to Vigorsexpressing his discontent towards all women in general. His persona change after becoming an "incel" is often referred to as his "incel arc" by Roflgator.

Meech appears to have "cucking" running through his veins. If there's a girl available to try and court he knows no limits or social hindrance to try and interrupt and try his pickup lines on her - even if she already has a boyfriend who is standing right next to him.

When his advances fail he's prone to sulking and contemplating on his failures. Luckily he has good friends who always bring him up again such as RoflgatorPokelawls and Klaatu. With his cocky demeanor girls either love him or hate him - usually both at the same time - but unfortunately not enough that they would want to date him.

StealthRG Episode Guide

Adopting the way of the "Incel" similarly to his friend Vigor he gave up on women and now expresses his dislike to womanhood in general. His behavior is very contradictory in general as he still has many female friends but it makes for hilarious comedic effect. On Jan 15th, Meech was introduced to Roflgator through his friend Pokelawls and quickly became a regular at his bar and RP shortly thereafter. On his first day he was paired with vairous women all prospects turned out unfruitful, one was SnowHanyan and then Pink but eventually met a kinky gal going by the name of Meowkat who he ended up getting a very sexual lap dance from.

After loosing his ERP virginity to the daddy issues bragging girl he realized there was no relationship to build on further - and their time together was cut short in search for new ventures. Meech interrupts an epic anime battle between ChunChasku and Kurias a "fake Broly". He interjected an epic anime battle between Kuri and ChunChasku by suddenly portraying a fake Broly and dancing in a sissy way to anime music.

On Jan 18th he felt down for failing at his dates and not being "alpha" enough. Instead he serenaded CDMan and Kasumi with his singing. On Jan 20th he got into a bit of a rivalry argument with Spellboywith both of them vying for XXXNicoles affection but she wouldn't have any of them. On Jan 22nd he got depressed over seemingly failing in all of his dates after being cucked by Foreigner from LilYuki and wanted to end his life. He jumped from a balcony but was later revived by a kiss from her and able to continue his adventures once more.

The day was highlighted in a video by Pokelawls. YouTube - I tried setting my friend up on a date Artificial Sauce pulls a gun on Emereefighting over Meech After showing his love interest towards Artificial Sauce, CDMan resigned his past love interest and Meech thanked him for "being a bro".

The same day a fight broke out with Artificial Sauce pulling a gun on Emeree over an argument of who Meech should really be dating. Surprised Meech seemed to be unknowing of what was unfolding before him - girls suddenly fighting over him.

Instead of anyone winning - he lost Emeree and rejected Artificial Sauce for acting crazy. Meech would continue "cucking" and attempting more pickups, hitting on girls to go on dates only to eventually botch them. On Jan 25th, Meech was involved in an argument with Emerysaur that turned into them both yelling at each-other, "unleashing the Banshee" as he called it.

He ended up insisting that Emery should continue to release her yelling to him and spit into his mouth. Since then whenever they see each-other Meech often begs Emery to either yell at him - or spit on him - for his satisfaction. On his followup interactions with Emery he convinced her to go a date with him to which she hesitatingly agreed to.

This date have yet to occur. He became the personal designated server to the loyal patron Chocolate who often dines at The Golden Gator and was tasked with making her wishes come true. Owing favors for Roflgator wing-manning him, these have been cashed in for him to serve, supply her with food, massages and more - all while loudly expressing his open disgust towards her.

On a gay date with the German Health Inspector.The plot of the video follows a new player as he explores VRChat, encountering many obstacles like the Knuckles and the Marching Kitten Bandbefore regulars of the VRChat world help him find his place.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

VRCHAT DYRUS | Virtual Reality Ft. Pokelawls

Credits PhoenixPrime1 Foxgod formerly Fapgod. ZentreyaTruNoomphoenixprime1s, haydendjredskin, and SmolDomi are the only ones to be misspelled in the credits. The trap section is appropriately headed by Tosha. Though not making a full appearance, members of the Loli Squad were scattered through out the video.

Lolathon 's avatar of Will Smith makes a cameo to just meme at the end, poking fun at the vastly inferior Youtube Rewind. Blue guy intro and dance scenes played by captainrincewind.

Close up movement scenes by shadowed. Minor scenes by itsnitsu and an additional scene by can-o-paint. CaptainrincewindKromiaphoenixprime1Shadowed, J4key and Hazord were going to be given additional credit for their additional effort and help during filming of the project. The entire project was planned, drafted and filmed within 2 weeks SporkofLove wrote her song in one night for the recording specifically for the video. Only speaking roles in the rewind are by NekobuenoMrd00dand SporkofLove.

Shadowed scarecrow of the kitten marching band was there for every day of filming. He played music required to time scenes and made the entire production run as smooth as possible. Though not referenced, the Kanna Gang is hinted at by all the Kannas in the video. Sadly, none of the RP family, the Bagel Bunch, makes an appearance in this video.

Categories :.It premiered on the 15th of May, The Season had been at works for months even before it officially started, and it ties loose ends that Pre-Season 5 may have left behind. For story arcs in previous chapters:. Chipz was a student of Ascension Academya military academy, where soldiers were trained to battle evil entities and protect those who can't protect themselves. The arc covers the 4 years of training and learning Chipz and many others went through, years ago from the present days.

Waking up in some kind of Dream RealmChipz finds himself being called by a pink haired girl in a red dress, Esmae She warns him of what is to come, that he needs to wake up. The two find Methusala Honeysucklethe Dreamwalker, who aids Chipz, returning him to the real world.

Victor tells him how they found him and that Wolfgang wishes to possess the compass to reach a mysterious blade. Chipz realizes there's no time for resting, that he needs to move fast, and tries to leave by himself. Hybris insists that they go as a group, and they leave once again, following Wolfgang's tracks.

pokelawls intro

In a forest, they find him having a conversation with Angelica. While Chipz and his companions hide behind the trees, they listen to Wolfgang as he reveals his ideals and intentions to rule over all other beingsand that the first step was to eradicate Chipz and those connected to him. With the talk done, he leaves, and Angelica calls to the group, revealing she knew their location. To Chipz's surprise, she gives him the compass, trusting him to do the right thing. They follow the path led by the compass, through a misty forest.

Worried about the strong magic readings in the area, the group stumbles upon large ruins, noticing a strange gate. They hear a voice, and Chipz hears The Darkness speaking. Various shadowy figures begin to surround them and a fight breaks out. Chipz manages to run toward the ruins, followed by The Darkness. He touches the crystal, instructed by Eldrin and escapes through a blue portal. Should you take the blade, everything will change Are you prepared?

Another student joins them, Heather Frost. Rook reveals to them they are a constructa golem to be precise. Chipz makes various comments towards the different banners, guessing what kind of people would enter each squad. Ryder hears this and joins the conversation aswell. Madam Minerva asks them to follow the rest of the students, who are preparing to go inside of the Academy and, as they gather up, Minerva introduces herself as the Assistant to the Headmaster, warning them to pay attention to what the teachers explain.

They enter the Great Hall, where they find 4 rows of tables, and giant banners hanging from the walls. Everyone sits down and they see 4 professors waiting for them. The Headmaster, begins his speech. The military that created the Academy was comprised of survivors against the fight with the Darkness, and so, the Headmaster and his colleagues decided to build educational grounds to teach about the supernatural and to turn them into soldier, so that they may protect the world for what may come in the far future.

Headmaster Kareeda Akyama specializes in Botany. Professor VondanenGeneral Squad, in Alchemy. Chipz awakens, lying on the ground, in a big hall, much like the place where he retrieved his weapon, which is now strapped to his waist. He finds a glowing red crystal nearby and takes it with him, for Hybris to analyze.

After passing through a corridor, he notices the place where he took the blade, now releasing some kind of black smoke. Chipz remembers he left his companions on the other side of the portal and quickly moves towards it. Lanfear invites Satchi and his crew over.

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