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In addition, upgrade kits for Thiel CS2. For those unfamiliar with the history of the company that three college friends, including Jim Thiel and Kathy Gornick, founded inThiel did quite well until Jim Thiel died of cancer in After that, faced with changes in the brick-and-mortar audio retail landscape as well as consumer tastes, Gornick sought investors who could help take the company in new directions. Although she had hoped to stay onboard, at least for a while, she soon parted ways with Tennessee private investor David B.

Not long after the sale, at the Venetian Hotel at CES, Thiel's new owners invited a large press contingent to a press launch in a standard size hotel room. In the midst of a caffeine-charged din, the company attempted to introduce a surround system consisting of small, low profile, lower cost models that, to these ears struggling to hear, sounded audibly inferior to Jim Thiel's designs.

The company struggled for several years, with many management changes, until, unable to secure additional funding, it closed its doors early in the New Year. To Thiel owners, this may have seemed the end of hope for service on legacy models.

Happily, Gillum has stepped into the breach. I look forward to working with all of the Thiel customers out there who love music and helped make the brand such a success. You can reach them at rob coherentsourceservice.

Tel: I wish Mr. Gillum great success in this venture. He's just now setting up for business. He's got 2, sq ft of Shop to work with and a backlog of Speakers to repair. He worked at Thiel since the late s, he's an experienced person. Thiel Audio built 40, pairs of Loudspeakers and Rob is setting up to keep those loudspeakers operating properly. Great company and speakers. Got a pair in the mid's about the time my first child was born.

I believe Kathy was the one who answered the phone when my dealer called them as my wife and I sat in his little office in Baltimore. The family grew up listening and watching Dad listen.

Thiel Audio

The kids all grown up and gone but music has always been a part of their lives and to this day we will trade recommendations.Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Address required. Your Phone Number required. Your Message. Tim Sorrentino's "other" site. Heirloom furniture quality cabinets, each one looks even better than the previous one!

If you own Thiel speakers you will enjoy decades of listening without the feeling some other speaker may have surpassed your investment. Just Awesome.

The Flagship. The CS3. This revolutionary design delivers an unprecedented purity of sound for the most realistic sound reproduction possible. Incorporating all newly developed drivers and cabinet, the CS3. Hear the CS3. No other loudspeaker can convey so much of the joy and pleasure from music playback. The enclosure is precisely shaped, high density birch plywood, but features a milled aluminum baffle.

The top is die-cast aluminum. The first-order acoustic crossover system is precisely tuned to preserve utter tonal neutrality and fine detail. The Baby Brother to the CS3. As with any THIEL, the design goals were to play music with the utmost fidelity possible — achieving excellence in tonal balance, dynamic range, spatial recreation, and clarity.

The new tweeter is a very highly optimized version of the unit found in the CS1. The shape was inspired by our groundbreaking CS3. The diaphragm geometry featured is the result of thousands of hours of research and development using custom calculations, finite element analysis, and laser interferometry. Each curve is precisely thought out to ensure minimum resonance and ultra wide bandwidth. Our new 6. Such wide bandwidth gives us the flexibility to synthesize a true first order acoustic crossover network between the driver elements.

This is the only way to have a true time and phase coherent loudspeaker. This state-of-the-art technology is wrapped in meticulously crafted, ultra-rigid cabinetry and aluminum baffle to deliver remarkably high levels of detail, dynamics and hollographic imaging.The company was sold in to a private equity company based in Nashville; soon thereafter Thiel Audio moved to that city from Lexington, Kentucky, where Jim had co-founded it in Thiel's longtime president, Kathy Gornikleft, and for a while the company's directors came and went as if through a revolving door footnote 1.

It appears that things have at last begun to settle down in Nashville. True, all of Jim Thiel's designs have now been discontinued, surely to the consternation of his dedicated fan base of dealers and customers. But a new Thiel Audio has emerged, with a new range of speakers.

Three to get ready Thiel's new model line has been dubbed the 3rd Avenue Collection, a reference to the address of the company's new music-performance and -streaming venue, Aurora. I suspect SEAS.

TESTED: Thiel CS3.7 Loudspeaker

The TT1 has a 1" titanium-dome tweeter, a 4. The woofers are crossed over to the midrange at Hz, the midrange to the tweeter at 1. The tweeter is positioned in a shallow waveguide.

Second, it increases the tweeter's efficiency in its bottommost octaves. When this increase in sensitivity is compensated for in the crossover, as it must be, less power is passed on to the tweeter, making it less likely to overload at the bottom of its response range.

Finally, a waveguide can increase the tweeter's top-end dispersion, though it may also have no effect in this regard, depending on the waveguide's design: I've seen measurements from various drivers that show both possibilities. On the back of the TT1 are two ports and two pairs of binding posts, the latter for biwiring or biamping. Jumper straps are included to connect these posts for single-wire runs, which was how I used them.

Such an arrangement requires that the speaker-cable connections be carefully tightened, particularly if the cables are terminated with spades, with enough slack left that the cables exert minimal pull on the posts. Should one of the top spades come loose, it could fall, strike a post below it, cause a short circuit, and damage an amplifier.

My cables have locking banana plugs at the speaker end. The TT1's cabinet is Such a rounded shape adds considerably to a cabinet's rigidity, all else being equal. As I've noted before, while curved cabinets are said to also offer a reduction in internal standing waves, I don't accept that claim.

thiel audio

The frequency of a standing wave is related to the distance between two parallel surfaces. In anything short of the very largest speakers, that frequency is high enough to be absorbed by properly arranged internal damping, even in the cabinet's largest dimension top to bottom. The depth of the TT1's cabinet also tapers a bit, from the deeper bottom to the slightly shallower top, with the slope at the back; the front baffle is plumb. The TT1's two woofers cover the same range, but each has its own isolated chamber and rear-firing port; the midrange drive-unit is enclosed in its own isolated chamber.

While weighing a relatively modest The TT1's cabinet does present an elegant appearance, and its modest size won't dominate a room.

It's available in four finishes: Gloss Black, Gloss White, matte Espresso Walnut, and the gorgeous matte Rosewood of the review samples. In other words, its Spousal Acceptance Factor is outstanding. Grilles are included, held in place by concealed magnets, but I performed all of my listening without them. Although spikes and hard rubber feet are provided, I used neither.Contact your advisor if you need academic assistance for the final weeks of the semester.

Visit our Coronavirus Updates page for more information. Please continue to check back for updates. A senior accounting and criminal justice studies double major and a senior biology major were each named the April Students of the Month for Thiel.

The Thiel College Office of Admission has added virtual campus visits and updated its admission requirements to help prospective students and their families overcome the. Read more in the Newsroom. Today - Apr. Thursday, Apr. Friday, Apr. See the Four-Year Academic Calendar. Partner Schools and Organizations. Explore the Thiel College Campus.

Thiel CS2.4SE Special Edition Signature Loudspeakers

Greenville-area high school graduates among those eligible for exclusive scholarships at Thiel The deadline for applying to the Baughman Endowed Scholarship at Thiel College has been extended to April Read More.

Thiel College Admissions Office conducting virtual visits and waiving test scores for applicants The Thiel College Office of Admission has added virtual campus visits and updated its admission requirements to help prospective students and their families overcome the Read More.

Event Calendar Full Calendar. Sophomore Housing Lottery Today - Apr. First-Year Housing Lottery Apr. Student Success.After a tumultuous five-year period, which began in when Thiel was sold to Tennessee private investor David B. Griffinwe can now confirm that Thiel Audio has been closed for good. Failing some kind of 11th hour rescue, another great American audio brand will be relegated to the dustbin of history. We first reported on the strong rumors the company would be closing in December.

Multiple sources were telling us it was all but over. We were able to confirm that the company had just laid off most of its staff at the end of November, as was originally reported on Facebook in an almost wistful post by departing Director of Engineering for Thiel, Dennis Crosson.

It was not a shock because we had watched our business remain stagnant for a very long time.

thiel audio

She did admit that significant changes had taken place, including significant layoffs, but she insisted that the company was still open. But as of right now, we are absolutely open and moving forward. McKenna told us repeatedly that Thiel would soon be announcing their new direction in Q1 Sadly, that funding fell through and the decision has been made to close the company. We made great strides heading in the right direction and simply ran out of time. It has been a massive undertaking and we were eager to conquer the challenge.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have lead such a talented team and wish everyone associated with Thiel Audio the best in their next ventures. Tom Malatesta, CEO in and part oftold us he was proud of what his team was able to accomplish in the short time they were given. We turned the company around.

Unfortunately the situation is now a mess but I salute all the folks who tried to make it work over the past several years. Ownership never comprehended the brand nor its position, past and future, in the marketplace. THIEL speakers were born from an unfettered passion to make great sound, which is how I discovered the brand as an audio salesperson in Everyone at THIEL worked to achieve the same goal—from the CNC operators and driver build techs to sales administration—it was all about building superb speakers and getting them to eager consumers.

THIEL was an inspiration to me. I understand that the reality of the world is that nothing lasts forever, however I feel like having represented the THIEL brand, and the memories that encompass those experiences, are held in a special place.

Wow, we had some fun! And I am reminded of it every time I turn on my HiFi system. But at the end of the day, the biggest issue is that Griffin did not stay committed to any one team or strategic direction over the long haul. It takes at least two or more years of concerted effort to establish a brand on average. But with new teams every year, and new strategies and approaches…no one strategy was given an opportunity to gain traction.

This is classic mis-management at the ownership level. But the zig-zag path they did take almost guaranteed failure.Thiel Audio products are distributed to over 30 countries.

Thiel Audio

Thiel ceased operations in Jim Thiel graduated from the University of Kentucky inmajoring in physics. Thiel Audio first exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in the year the company is commonly stated as being founded, although they had been selling since [4]with the introduction of the 01 full-range speaker.

A year later, inthe model 03 introduced the principles of time, phase, and frequency coherence, which would become the basis for all of Jim Thiel's designs and the fundamental idea for which Thiel would be known.

A skilled woodworker, Tom Thiel built the speaker boxes. Their first hi-fi product was a two-way speaker with an equalizer to give it high-quality bass response. Jim Thiel soon realized that he would need someone to do the sales part of the business, so Gornik sought to sell them in her city, Washington, D. Over the life of the company, Thiel had a number of long-lived series including the CS 2 which was first introduced in and updated through with the introduction of the CS 2.

InThiel Audio announced that it would offer its high-performance line of loudspeakers in Crutchfield retail stores, the Crutchfield site, and through their catalogs. Jim Thiel died of cancer on September 17, InThiel Audio was sold to a private equity company in Nashville, and later that year, Gornik was replaced as president of the company.

The company reintroduced themselves as a high-end lifestyle brand, focused on surround sound systems based on more traditional engineering. In Thiel underwent another leadership change in which Thiel launched their Entertainment Division in Jan and the birth of Aurora Nashville the nations first Live 4K Concert Streaming Studio experience and viewing platform in May The studio provided live streaming and production services to clients music labels and artists both on platform and off platform allowing their clients to instantly play in the streaming arena.

At CES, Thiel returned to the main show floor and unveiled their 40th Anniversary line up, a custom finish build to order high-performance loudspeaker systems The 40th Anniversary Series was the first in a series of planned steps to bring Thiel back to its roots as an American built loudspeaker assembled in Nashville.

In the second half ofThiel went through yet another change in leadership which stripped the company of much of the talent and expertise and once again raises questions.

Aurora Nashville has been renamed under the Thiel brand and most streaming operations seem to have come to a halt. Thiel announced the space that housed Aurora Nashville is now a product showroom that is in operation a few days a week. The LifeStream products are now being sold as Aurora by Thiel which added to the confusion to yet another new direction. In lateamid rumours of the company's impending demise, long-time Thiel Service manager Rob Gillum purchased the service operation from Thiel Audio.

Plans to offer services to maintain legacy Thiel speakers He has stated his intention of providing repairs and warranty work to owners of "legacy" Thiel speakers. On January 31,the company closed. Thiel also won BizRate 's coveted "Circle of Excellence" award seven times. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Kentucky Encyclopedia. University Press of Kentucky. Absolute Sound, Limited. Categories : Electronics companies established in Loudspeaker manufacturers Privately held companies based in Tennessee establishments in Kentucky Companies based in Nashville, Tennessee Audio equipment manufacturers of the United States.

Namespaces Article Talk.The more I review speakers, the more cautious I get about calling one a breakthrough. Speaker design has advanced to the point where dramatic qualitative differences are rare, where the personal taste of the audiophile is highly relevant, and where room-interaction problems can do as much to shape the sound as many aspects of engineering.

That said, the Thiel CS3. At a time when the high end seems to be drifting towards reference-quality speakers that cost as much as a good car, the CS3. It is a remarkably coherent speaker in any halfway realistic listening position, and one that offers truly exceptional detail and resolution. The race between dynamic, ribbon, planar, and electrostatic loudspeaker technology is still wide open, with excellent examples of each in the running.

You can find outstanding speakers regardless of the mix of technologies involved. I have, however, found that development of integrated-tweeter-and-midrange drivers that provide coherent dispersion and imaging at a minimal cost in distortion and coloration is leading to major advances in speaker quality.

thiel audio

It may well represent the most accurate dynamic speaker now available at anything close to twice its price or more, at least from the lower midrange to beyond the range of human hearing. The Thiel CS3. I quote from the Web site:. One is to mount the drivers on a sloping baffle and adjust the angle of the slope and the driver spacing to achieve coherence. This can work well for floorstanding speakers, especially at lower frequencies. Such mounting ensures that the sound from both drivers always reaches the listener at exactly the same time, regardless of where the speaker is placed or where the listener is.

The CS3. Thiel states:.

Thiel is Toast, Specialty Audio Takes Another Hit

But these requirements work against each other. I should stress that the CS3. For example, all of the drivers in the CS3. The crossover is a true first-order type that Thiel claims provides complete accuracy of amplitude, phase, time, and energy and, therefore, does not distort the musical waveform. The cabinet is carefully shaped to minimize standing-wave problem and interference with the radiation of the drivers, and its front baffle is machined from aluminum, which Thiel states is more than thirty times as strong as the usual MDF baffle, reduces unwanted vibrations, and provides a rigid mounting for the drivers so they cannot move, even a miniscule amount, as they recoil from the forces they generate.

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